Futura75 10kg Large Paper Bag

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This ground hemp product of futura75 variety comes within a paper bag. The quantity of product is 10 kg. 1 Pallet is 250 Kg.  Futura75 contains : 

THC = 0.13%

CBD = 5.94%


  • Benefit 1, Nausea: CBD tea kicks nausea in the bum. As most kids growing up whenever I was sick my mom would boil up some water and make me a sweet hot tea to calm my stomach. Additionally one of the core benefits of CBD is to treat vomiting and upset stomachs. Thus finding a drink that has all the herbal healing powers (such as ginger, or peppermint), plus the added benefit of CBD’s anti-nausea properties, it makes it a no-brainer when you are feeling sick.
  • Benefit 2, Sleep Aid: This is a doubleheader as well! CBD has been proven to be a great sleep aid that provides the patient with a calming, soothing effect. This occurs through the way CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system. On top of CBD being a sleep aid tea has been used for centuries to help users fall asleep. As long as you are drinking an herbal, non-caffeinated tea, the properties leave your body feeling tired and calm. This is my personally my favorite benefit of CBD tea and why I take it almost every night in the colder months. I find that I make it part of my sleep routine and it triggers my body to go to sleep.
  • Benefit 3, Inflammation: inflammation has become all too prevalent in today’s society. One in six people says that they suffer from some inflammatory pain. The uprising of inflammation has thought to be caused by the way people are now eating. Refined sugars and processed food don’t provide the body enough nutrients to perform at its optimal level. This results in inflammation throughout the body popping up in different spots for every person. CBD has been tested and proven to have outstandingly positive effects on inflammation, making CBD tea an excellent option for anyone who is trying to avoid lab created meditations and opt for a more natural solution.
  • Benefit 4, Headaches: Headaches and migraines, if you are lucky enough not to experience these pains on a weekly basis I envy you! I won’t pretend like CBD tea is some miracle product that cured my headaches but when I drink a CBD tea, it lessens the pain and makes it go away. I know some of my friends who get constant headaches and continuously pop pharmaceutical painkillers. This leads to an upset stomach, keeping them up at night. Then they do not get a good nights rest and furthermore need to continue popping more painkillers. This is one of the reasons why I try my best to stay away from over the counter drugs now and prefer a much more natural approach such as CBD Tea. The way CBD relieves headaches is by interacting with neurotransmission communications to pain receptors throughout the brain.
  • Benefit 5, Anxiety:

Another great advantage that CBD has to offer is that it is a natural anxiety suppressant.  I don’t want to get overly technical, but I want to give some background on how CBD tea can help you with your anxiety. CBD oil works with the brain receptor CB1. These receptors are little pieces of protein that act as a messenger box for cells, essentially gathering chemical signals from your body that tell the cell how to respond. CBD affects CB1 by altering the way in receives serotonin levels, a critical chemical that plays a vital role in people who have mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression. Although not fully understood groups of studies show a promising future for anxiety and CBD.